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Gailey Reservoirs

Gailey Reservoir system is owned by the Canal & River Trust and in conjunction with the West Midland Bird Club a birdwatching scheme is provided for all Bird Club members who subscribe to Annual Inclusive Membership. Often overlooked by members who favour Belvide Reservoir, again owned by the Canal & River Trust with bird watching available to West Midland Bird Club Inclusive Members and located some 4.5 miles west along the A5 road, Gailey can provide a diverse birdlife with always a chance of the unexpected. Local patch birders Ian Moore and Steve Richards have been and, still are, regular birders to the Gailey Reservoir complex and there are none better placed than these two stalwarts in offering advice and experiences when it comes to birdinig this site. The link on this page that takes you to the paper provided by Ian and Steve will provide you with the information that you require in making a visit while at the same time whetting your appetite with their rewarding sightings and list that has been compiled over many years. The effort put into local patch birding can not be overvalued, in providing information as supplied here and in many more instances across the UK we are all so much the wiser, thanks to their ceaseless efforts. For information related to this site please contact: gailey@westmidlandbirdclub.org.uk

Gailey Map 2 Gailey Reservoirs - Local Patch Birding by Ian Moore and Steve Richards

Location map showing road routes to Gailey Reservoir complex near junction 12 of the M6 Motorway Staffordshire

For further details relating to access and visits please refer to the Local Patch Birding link above

Arrow black large Gailey Hide - Photo Roger Broadbent

The new hide at Gailey Reservoir - photograph Roger Broadbent. This is the result of the combined efforts of the West Midland Bird Club and the Canal & River Trust. This installation is the first of its kind in the history of this reservoir complex. The hide location at the reservoir is shown below - image courtesy of Canal & River Trust

Gailey Hide Photo CRT gailey 5 GAILEY 4 GAILEY 3 GAILEY 2

Gailey Hide Work

Photos by Rob Swift

Full membership of the Club, allows access for members to bird watch at Gailey Reservoir. The new club Hide has an increased viewing experience, due to recent work to cut back the old willow trees to the right of the Hide. The viewing angle has increased by about 20% allowing extensive views of the lower reservoir. Gailey Reservoir is easily accessed from junction 12 of the M6, taking the A5 towards Cannock, turning first left into Gailey Lea Lane, following the lane around. Parking is off the road, either side of the entrance gates. Walking to the right, around the lower reservoir to the Hide.