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Inclusive membership provides access to all four WMBC bird-rich and important conservation reserves.

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Belvide Reservoir

photo Nigel Talbot


Blithfield Reservoir

photo Roger Broadbent


Harborne Reserve

photo Jim Winsper


Ladywalk Reserve 

photo Peter Lichfield

In agreement with the Canal & River Trust, those WMBC members with Inclusive membership can birdwatch at Gailey Reservoirs in Staffordshire - O/S Grid ref SJ935103. For access details to this site please visit the Belvide Reserve page on this website and choose the links to Gailey Reservoirs and Local Patch Birding.

Junior and 18/23 Membership Form Standard and Inclusive Membership Form



If, after reading the types of membership available, you would like to become a member of WMBC please download and complete the appropriate Membership form from the PDF link at the bottom of this page. There are three methods of payment. Either complete the standing order or enclose your cheque (no cash please) and send to:          

                                                       Membership Secretary - Michael Bevan,

                                          64 Brookfields Road, Ipstones, Stoke-on-Trent, ST10 2LY 

or if you would prefer to pay by Direct Bank Transfer please email Michael for a reference number to use to identify your payment at membership@westmidlandbirdclub.org.uk


There are two basic types of WMBC membership - Standard and Inclusive which are split into three age categories. Joint Membership is also available for the spouse/partner of Standard and Inclusive members, see full details beAll members are entitled to attend all Club Indoor Meetings, Field Trips etc irrespective of their location and, with the exception of Joint members, receive a copy of the Club’s Annual Bird Report together with four issues of our Newsletter each calendar year.


Please Note: Regardless of when membership is taken out all Membership renewals are due on January 1st each year. For that reason anyone joining in October or beyond in any calendar year and signing a standing order form will have valid membership for the remainder of that year and the 12 month period of the following year (up to 15 months for the price of 12 in the first year of membership).


Standard Membership (individual) - £20 per annum

Caters for all those who do not wish to visit our reserves.


Inclusive Membership (individual) - £30 per annum 

Gives all the benefits of Standard membership with the addition of access to all four West Midland Bird Club reserves - Belvide, Blithfield, Harborne and Ladywalk. Inclusive membership also gives access to our reserves for the Spouse/Partner of the member and their children up to age 18, living at the same address. It does not however make the partner a full member of WMBC. For this see Joint Membership below.


Joint Membership - £5 per annum Joint membership does not change the existing rights of partners of members in any way and is entirely optional for those who require the additional benefits it gives. It is open only to the Spouse/Partner of a fully paid up member (either Standard or Inclusive) and designed to give the additional benefits of full membership without having to pay a second full membership fee. Joint members have full voting rights at Club meetings and are eligible to serve on Club committees and their presence at meetings counts towards making that meeting quorate. They receive their own membership card and, if requested, an additional Blithfield sticker. They are not however sent their own copy of the Newsletter and Annual Report (for that a full Inclusive membership would have to be taken out).


18/23 Birder Membership - Age 18-23 - £10 per annum 

This category has been introduced to encourage the involvement of birders in this age group in the facilities of the Club and its activities and provides all the advantages of Inclusive membership at a reduced cost. Applicants for 18/23 Birder membership would have to provide their year of birth.


Young Birder Membership - Age 16-17 - £5 per annum

Children of members living at the same address are covered by their parent’s membership however those aged 16-17 can, if they wish, take out Young Birder Membership where, for an annual cost of £5, they would be Inclusive members in their own right and receive their own membership card, Newsletter and Annual Report. This category is also open to young people in this age bracket whose parents are not WMBC club members. Applicants for Young Birder Membership are required to provide their year of birth and their application should be supported by a responsible adult (in the case of the child of a member this would be their parent, otherwise a member of WMBC, teacher, youth worker or similar would be required).

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