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Studying Birds in Staffordshire, Warwickshire, Worcestershire and the West Midlands since 1929

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The publication of the Club's three Atlases have been landmark events in our history, likewise the production of our Annual Report is the culmination of everything that the Club stands for in the world of British ornithology. In its own right the Report forms an integral part of national ornithological understanding and knowledge and more than fulfills the Club's aims and objectives of providing its members and the general public with information about the birds of our region. Our Newsletter has been described as the life-blood of the Club, keeping everyone in touch with all things WMBC.

The Club published the 'Atlas of Breeding Birds of the West Midlands' in 1970 - this was followed by the 'The Birds of the West Midlands' in 1982 and the latest work 'The New Birds of the West Midlands' was published in 2005. All three are exemplary works and the second and third Atlas sport dust jackets of original artwork by the renowned bird artist and WMBC member - Michael Warren. The first two works are long since out of publication but the third is still available.

Our third and latest Atlas 'The New Birds of the West Midlands' has won plaudits from all quarters of the birding world - edited by Graham and Janet Harrison, this book is a monumental work that is unlikely to be surpassed. The text is supported by colour photographs, and all line drawings are original works by the artist Steve Cale. The dust cover is also an original artwork by the artist Mike Warren. This Atlas is available for purchase from the West Midland Bird Club - Email: secretary@westmidlandbirdclub.org.uk for further details.

The West Midland Bird Club Annual Report is a highly acclaimed work that is edited by David Emley who is supported by the team of County Recorders for our region. Having changed to a larger B5 size, this is the Club's 83rd Report and it typifies the excellent standard that the Club aspires to. The current copy of the Report is available from   Focus Optics, Corley and The Birders Store, Worcester both in store and on line.  Some past copies can be purchased direct from the Club - Email: secretary@westmidlandbirdclub.org.uk for further details.

Members receive four copies a year of this informative Newsletter - currently edited by Sue Judge. Past copies are available in PDF format on the WMBC Newsletter page of this site following publication of the latest issue where they can be viewed or downloaded.

WMBC Checklist

The Checklist is an invaluable work that should find a place in every birders kit. This booklet provides all the information requied for recording your bird sightings together with a guide to the status of all the birds that have ocurred in our region - produced by David Emley our Annual Report editor. This publication was generously sponsored by Focus Optics.

Copies can be obtained from the Membership Secretary:-

Email: membership@westmidlandbirdclub.org.uk for further details.

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