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1st March 2019

Kidderminster Branch Committee and helpers

The current committee of this popular and well supported branch are standing down at their AGM on 27th

March 2019. The minimum requirement for the branch to function is

1. A chairperson

2. Someone to take responsibility for the branch accounts

3. Someone to book and liaise with the speakers

There is also currently a team of supporters who between them set up the PA system, put out and put

away chairs, serve refreshments, etc. some of whom have indicated their willingness to continue in this

capacity however if the branch is to continue serving refreshments more volunteers are needed.


Latest News On behalf of the Club’s management committee Sue Judge is supporting this branch until a

new team can be established and is happy to report that following the branch meeting on 27th February

we have a volunteer to Chair this branch who will also book the speakers for the autumn programme. We

now need to build this team and require a treasurer to take responsibility for the branch accounts. If you

would like to volunteer for this role or to support the branch in any other capacity please contact Sue at




1st March 2019

News Letter Editor

Having edited our quarterly Newsletter for 41⁄2 years Sue, our current editor wishes to step aside with

effect from our Autumn/September issue to concentrate on her other roles as Club Deputy Chair and

Belvide Representative.


The most important qualifications required by the new editor are perhaps an enthusiasm to produce an

informative and attractive quarterly publication for our members and the determination to achieve that.

This would ideally require taking an interest in all aspects of Club life. You would also need good use of

written English as not everything submitted is in a printable format.


Currently the Newsletter is produced using Adobe InDesign, a desktop publishing package, however the

new editor could use an alternative if they so wished. Experience of using a publishing package would be

an advantage but is not essential as the current post holder had no such experience at the outset.

The Newsletter goes out quarterly in March, June, September and December.


The cutoff dates for submission are 1st February, 1st May, 1st August and 1st November which gives the

editor around 10 days to compile and send the draft to the management committee for proof reading. The

final two weeks are taken up by printing and distribution including delivery by post.


Note from our current editor

If you are interested in this job please don’t let lack of experience with a publishing package hold you



If you wish to know more please contact the West Midland Bird Club Membership Secretary, Michael

Bevan, through email at membership@westmidlandbirdclub.org.uk



1st March 2019

Education Secretary

The Club wishes to create this post the purpose of which is to increase awareness of the range of birding

activities both inside and outside the Club. The ideal candidate would be an excellent communicator with

a high standard of written and oral English, an interest in conservation issues and experience in teaching

or working long-term with children in an informal education environment. The Role could include visiting

universities to raise awareness of WMBC, preparing and delivering activities for school groups, designing

activities for families and writing resource materials for others to deliver. If you are interested in being

involved in this exciting new development for our Club please contact Club Chair Roger Broadbent at

chair@westmidlandbirdclub.org.uk to discuss it further.