West Midland Bird Club

Studying Birds in Staffordshire, Warwickshire, Worcestershire and the West Midlands since 1929

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Volunteering with WMBC


Everyone who works for the West Midland Bird Club in any capacity is a volunteer. The strength

of the Club is built on the partnership between all volunteers working together for our common

cause so whilst some roles are more visible than others all are equally important.


Please refer to the vacancies page for details of any specific roles currently on offer but if there is

nothing there that appeals to you please be aware that there are always opportunities for

members to get involved in our work. Some examples are given below but again if you don’t see

anything that suits you contact either our secretary, chairperson, or deputy chairperson to offer

your services in another capacity.

Mark - secretary@westmidlandbirdclub.org.uk

Roger - chair@westmidlandbirdclub.org.uk

Sue - deputy-chair@westmidlandbirdclub.org.uk


Practical conservation work

If you are the sort of person who likes to get stuck in to practical outdoor tasks then this could be

for you. All our reserves have volunteer work parties who maintain and improve the habitat.

Tasks such as maintenance of bird hides and footpaths are also carried out by our volunteers. At

some reserves work parties are organised at weekends, at others midweek sessions take place.

All tools and gloves are provided. Joining one of our work parties is also a great way to meet like

minded members. Simply turn up to any of the advertised sessions or for more information







We are also hoping to form a volunteer task force at our latest venture in Worcestershire at the

Wild Goose Rural Training site at Ball Mill Quarry. For more details on this contact


Not all work at our reserves is physical. Developments such as new hides require administration

tasks to be completed and where formal team meetings take place minutes are taken. Each

reserve also has to produce an annual development plan. If you are interested in getting involved

in this side of things use the same contact details as above to find how you can help. Each

reserve nominates one person to represent the reserve on the Club’s Management Committee.


Our Branches

We currently have branches in Kidderminster, Stafford and Solihull and also have WMBC field

trips which start in Birmingham. Each branch is administered by as many members as is deemed

necessary to achieve its agreed objectives. Such objectives might include bringing together

groups of birders and organising indoor meetings, field trips, research or ringing within the area.

Branch officers and committee members are elected by members of the Club at the annual AGM

of the branch, usually in March. Each branch nominates one person to represent that branch on

the Club’s Management Committee. Members interested in joining any of these committees

should in the first instance speak to the current Branch Chair.


Members are also encouraged to support each branch committee by helping with jobs such as

chairs, refreshments or setting up PA systems.


Our County Recorders

The Club covers for counties each with its own County Recorder. We currently have a full

complement of recorders but if you would like to get involved you could join one of the teams that

help your County Recorder to write their report. To find out more contact: