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There is plenty of information at hand within these pages, however, please do not hesitate in using the contact us page via the menu or the info@westmidlandbirdclub link at the foot of all pages if you would like to take a personal approach to gathering information; the Club Secretary will be pleased to deal with any enquiry. There is great scope to become involved in a wide range of Club activities, likewise you can go about your birding activities on a personal level and simply enjoy what the West Midland Bird Club has to offer in assisting your interests.

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Whitethroat - Peter Lichfield

Common Whitethroat Ladywalk Reserve - Photograph Peter Lichfield

Visiting our reserves

The West Midland Bird Club manages four nature reserves, Belvide and Blithfield in Staffordshire, Ladywalk in Warwickshire and Harborne in Birmingham West Midlands. Each of these has a dedicated page on this website that will provide all the information necessary when making a visit. You will also find links to site blogs, twitter postings and a variety of research and ringing projects. Those who join the Club as Inclusive Members have access to all four reserves, use the dedicated Join page on this site to learn about membership categories and benefits.


It’s a busy time at all of the reserves right now and I’m not just referring to the tasks of our management teams and volunteer work force. Like many other bird species the Common Whitethroat in our heading photograph is feeding young, a non-stop effort by both parents. Having fulfilled the role of incubation and fledging, the entire family have to contend with the big wide world after dispersal from the nest, thankfully our reserves provide a sanctuary and refuge.

However, they also provide the same sanctuary that accommodates others, the fight for survival is never ending.

Sparrowhawk - Peter Lichfield

Female Eurasian Sparrowhawk with prey, Ladywalk Reserve - Photograph Peter Lichfield

The image below of Water Rail and chicks captures a sight that is not often witnessed and the excellent image is enhanced by the spike of Ragged-robin Lychnis flos-cuculi. Our reserves are managed in a way that provides opportunities to watch these spectacular scenes unfold, often never to be forgotten experiences.

Waterail - Peter Lichfield

Water Rail and chicks benefiting from specialised management practice at Ladywalk Reserve

Photograph Peter Lichfield

Conservation is a word that is readily used when expressing our views and thoughts on wildlife and wildlife habitat. Visiting West Midland Bird Club Reserves offers the opportunity to see conservation in action, live and happening before our eyes as an ongoing project that provides wildlife sanctuaries to a whole host of diverse species. All of this is made possible through the dedication and expertise of our management teams and volunteer groups and we are indebted to all in that we can witness the results of their efforts as our contribution to wildlife conservation.

Broad bodied Chaser - Peter Lichfield

Female Broad-bodied Chaser Ladywalk Reserve - Photograph Peter Lichfield

Irrespective of our desire to watch, study and photograph the wild birds that inhabit our reserves, there is clearly much more on offer, as depicted in Peters delightful image of the Chaser above. So don’t delay your next or first visit to one of our reserves, as an Inclusive member of the Club the choice is entirely yours.


We have a dedicated group of photographers who willingly offer their exceptional images for use in WMBC publications and we are extremely grateful to them all. In this instance we are delighted to be able to feature the work of Peter Lichfield who captures and documents Ladywalk wildlife to perfection, many thanks Peter.

Notice to all WMBC Inclusive Members


Access to our Belvide Reserve


Shutt Green Lane will be closed all day on Tuesday 13th August so that


Western Power Distribution can carry out tree trimming