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Harborne Reserve

Access to Harborne Reserve is by Inclusive Club membership or permit only. Permits can be purchased for this reserve at a cost of £7.50 P/A and obtained by contacting the WMBC Permits Secretary: - permits@westmidlandbirdclub.org.uk

Single day visits can be made to this reserve by bona fide groups at a cost of £3.00 per person

Arrangements for group visits can be made using the Reserve Management Team contact address on this page.

To purchase your permit please contact the WMBC Permit secretary: permits@westmidlandbirdclub.org.uk


Harborne Nature Reserve is owned by Birmingham City Council and managed under agreement by the West Midland Bird Club. This small parcel of land, just in excess of 3.5 ha lies approximately three miles from Birmingham city centre. The reserve is shared with working allotments and is comprised of native trees, developing Oak woodland and grassy hillside that drops into the valley of the Chad Brook. There is also a conifer plantation and small wetland area that adds diversity to the reserve. Alder trees that line Chad Brook are an attraction to winter finch flocks and in summer there is a good range of breeding birds that include a variety of warblers and Grey Wagtail can be found along the water course in winter. Common Buzzard is a not infrequent visitor.


Reserve Management Team Contacts

Paul Bateman - Email: harborne@westmidlandbirdclub.org.uk


Reserve Details

Access to this reserve is gained via the Harborne Walkway (footpath). Enter the Walkway off Gillhurst Road at a point opposite Euan Close. Turn right on the Walkway, proceeding in a southerly direction for approximately 400mtrs until you encounter an obvious path leading off to the right and descending into the valley of the Chad Brook. At the bottom of this path, on the left-hand side, is the gated entrance to the reserve. Club gate codes are time sensitive - running for the twelve month period ending 28th February; please check membership card or permit for details. This compact reserve lends itself well to tutorials and, a programme for school children to attend the reserve within their curriculum is integral to reserve practice and the management scheme.  

belvide 2 nigel talbot

Winter finch flocks can be a feature at Harborne Reserve Goldfinch - photo - Nigel Talbot

Harborne Reserve Location Map - access via Harborne Walkway (footpath) from Gillhurst Road path entrance

Weather Disruption


In the bad weather a few weeks ago the access path from Gillhurst Rd to the reserve’s gate has been damaged by floodwater, causing the brook to realign so that water now covers the whole width of the path for about 10 yards, albeit only an inch or two in depth. This is a public footpath so the City Council will have to repair it.


Visitors can by-pass the wet section by taking the higher of the two paths when entering the Harborne Walkway and then turning right on reaching the Reserve fence before dropping down to the gate.


Also, in the same flood, one of the two bridges at the north end of the site was damaged beyond repair and has had to be taken out of use.